New Site!

Wow, we finally got the new site online, eh? Well, apart from mobile optimisation so we’re really sorry if you’re looking at it on a mobile phone wondering why it’s not quite right. We’re on it.

So why the big overhaul? Well, we noticed the best selling items were the ones we most enjoyed putting out there. It’s all well and good doing cute stuff and pets and things but it wasn’t us. So we stopped doing it. Instead we’re focusing on the things we like which – luckily for us – you seem to like too.

We’re also reaching out to more people into self broadcasting / the alt media who are edgy and want to get merch out there without the hassle. So that’s a good thing too, right?

As ever we’re just going to try and keep producing cool gear and hopefully you guys will want to buy it. Oh, and sign up for our newsletter too so you won’t miss anything cool, new, and possibly limited items as well as notification of sales.

Oh, one last thing. If we put out an item that mocks a political figure / god / whatever that you like please remember we just do it because we think it’s cool and / or funny. It doesn’t indicate any kind of political stance when it comes to the site. Over time we anticipate we’ll mock just about everyone so it’s all good.

Have fun, buy stuff, get in touch