LiveLeak Community Gear

LiveLeak have now unleashed community gear here on GearPress. This means unique items for the more discerning LiveLeaker as well as custom items. Please make sure you read the information box below the products BEFORE ordering. Cheers!

Custom Gear Information

Ordering custom gear is pretty simple. Just follow the steps below and it’ll slip through like a slippery thing.


  • Make sure you are logged into GearPress BEFORE you try to make an order. Click “My Account” in the top menu and then click “Register”.
  • Your LiveLeak Username should not contain any REALLY strong profanity. Any unsuitable usernames will be rejected and a refund issued.
  • The one liner is the tag line below the logo. By default it proclaims you to be a “Weapons Grade LiveLeaker”. You can change that if you wish but keep it snappy and on one line.
  • Avatars should be yours and ideally 500px – 500px in size. The better the quality the better it will look. We will print whatever you send so keep that in mind if it’s from a 20x20px original. That won’t look cool!
  • Avatars should not contain pornographic, graphic, or hateful imagery. We’ll be forced to reject your order and that’d be a terrible kerfuffle.
  • We aim to complate all graphics work within 2 working days of receiving your order. From there it goes to fulfillment. Please allow for this in your delivery time.
  • Wear it, drink from it, and look AWESOME!