Introducing new partner Fab Radio!

We’re absolutely stoked to announce a new merchandise partnership between Fab Radio and GearPress. Fab Radio International is Europe’s most listened to independent online radio station and with good reason. Not only do they have awesome shows and music they also have an excellent eye for design and we’re loving what they’re sending across and […]

Let’s celebrate with a discount.

Seeing as we’re all up and running (mostly) we thought what better way to celebrate than give everyone a discount. We all love to save a few bob here and there and we’re so happy we’re going to give you all a 10% off code which will apply to your entire cart. If you’d like […]

New Site!

Wow, we finally got the new site online, eh? Well, apart from mobile optimisation so we’re really sorry if you’re looking at it on a mobile phone wondering why it’s not quite right. We’re on it. So why the big overhaul? Well, we noticed the best selling items were the ones we most enjoyed putting […]