Get paid for sharing!

We love our products here at GearPress and we want you to help us let more people know about them. If you’re new to the idea of being an affiliate it couldn’t be more simple, if you’re accepted into our program you get an affiliate link. If anyone uses that link to come to our emporium of delights and buy anything you’ll get a commission. It’s that easy.

What do I need?

Ideally you’ll have your own website to put banners on but you can use your links on social media, in text, via images, whatever you think is best. However you get your link out there is all good. There are some conditions to this though.

What do I get?

Commission starts at 5% of the total sale price. However this is always negotiable depending on your reach or website. Commissions could go to 10% or higher with other benefits available.

Free money? What’s the catch?

There’s always a catch isn’t there? If we accept your affiliate application you’ll be bound by the following:

When do I get paid?

We calculate the commission for you and pay out no more than five working days after the funds have cleared directly to your PayPal account. You will always be able to check your account using the affiliate dashboard so you know exactly where you’re up to.

Sounds good, sign me up!

Cool! If you’re already logged in to GearPress simply click the button below otherwise please register for the site HERE, for affiliates we’ll need you to fill in every field, then come back and hit the button. Please keep in mind at this early stage we have limited availability for affiliate accounts and not everyone will be accepted. Good luck and enjoy all that free cash!